Top 10 best baby monitors 2014 review

Latest Top 10 best baby monitors 2014 review

These are the best and most highly reviewed top 10 best baby monitors of 2014. These are New arrival and latest digital video baby monitors with all the new technical updates. All these baby monitors are available on amazon with discount and according to your needs, go through the review and choose the best system for you.

Famous baby monitor brands are Samsung, Motorola and summer infant. You can go through the best 10 baby monitor brands review too. It will help you to understand and pick a good baby monitor brand.If you are not still sure on picking the right baby monitor, then read the “how to pick baby monitor” guide too. It will help you to understand the new trends and things to look in a baby monitor.


Baby Monitor
To buy with discounts
Basic description
top 10 Motorola MBP43-2 best baby monitor with 2 cameras and night vision

Motorola MBP43-2 baby monitoring system

Check in Amazon
MBP43-2 Motorola baby monitor
3.5 inch LCD screen
Digital video monitor
Comes with 2 Cameras
Securty encrypted network
Zoom, tilt and Pan
Visual sound indictor
Room temperature monitor
2-way communication
590 ft range with out of range warning
Rechargable battery
Night vision infrared

Best Lorex BB3525PK22B baby monitoring system 2014 with 2 cameras

Lorex BB3525PK22B baby monitoring system

Check the priceLorex BB3525PK22B Baby monitor
Two-Way Talk
Comes with 2 cameras
Can add up to 4 cameras
3.5 inch LCE monitor
Night vision / infrared
up to 450 ftwireless range
Rechargable battery - (8 hrs life)
Pan, tilt and Zoom with moniton tracking
Sound indicator
Room temperatur alert
Best summer infant baby monitoring unit with 2 monitors 2014 night vision

2 parent unit summer infant baby monitor

Latest price
Summer invant digital monitor
comes with 2 parental units
Night vision / infrared
2.3 inch LED monitors
400 ft range coverage
Rechargable battries
out of range/power alerts
Zoom functionality
Lavena stella best top 10 baby monitoring systems for house 2014

Lavena stella baby monitor

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Levana Stella baby monitor
4.3 inch digital screen
one night vision camera
2-way communication
Pan, tilt and Zoom control
Private signal
remote lullabies
expandable up to 4 cameras
36 hrs battery life
750 ft maximum tranmission
The best 10 Motorola MBP36 Wireless Video Baby Monitor system 2014

Motorola MBP36 Video Baby Monitor

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Motorola MBP36 video monitor
LCD 3.5 inch screen
2.4 GHz FHSS technology
Pan. til and Zoom
Infrared night vision camera
Built in lullabies
Toom temperature monitor
Up to 650 ft range frequency
Visual noise alert
Expandable up to 4 cameras
2 way talk
the best top Samsung SEW-3037 remote wireless baby monitoring system 2014

Samsung SEW-3037 baby monitor

Check on Amazon!
Samsung SEW-3037 Video baby monitor
3.5 inch HQ LCD monitor
2.4Ghz signal
2-wal talk
Expandable up to 4 cameras
up to 900ft coverage range
Rechargable battery
Night vision infrared
Background noise remover
Power saver mode
Zoom feature
top 10 best infant Optics baby monitor system with camera and wireless monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8 baby monitor

Check out!
3.5" full color LCD display in sleek
Interchangable optics lens
Tilt, pan and Zoom function
Long Battery life
two-way talk
Room temperature display
infrared night vision
700ft coverage eange
Extendable up to 4 cameras
2.4 GHz FHSS technology
Low battery / out of range alerts
The best Lorex baby monitoring system with 7 inch big monitor 2014

Lorex BB7011 baby monitor

Check the price!
7 inch LCD monitor
Built in nightlight
Motion and sound alerts
two way talk
4 cameras can be added
Built in Lullabies
Zoom control
450 ft wireless range
high quality sound
One clear camera and best sound
Infrared night vision
top ten Summer infant Internet and wireless Monitor System 2014

Summer infant Internet and wireless monitor

Latest price! Infrared night vision
2 parent units
2.5 inch monitor
Internet monitoring
Encrypted connection
600 ft range monitoring
volume / brightness control
Remove background noise
day light Levana lila top baby monitoring system with 2 cameras

Levana lila top baby monitoring system

Check the price!Levana Lila baby monitor
comes with 2 cameras
12ft night vision infrared
expandable up to 4 cameras
two way communication
72 hr battery in beep mode
500 ft day light vision range

As you can see, these are the best and most amazing baby monitors from the best and new arrivals. Each of the baby monitoring systems has it’s own features. Most important feature you may want to look are listed in the above table.

If you are buying a baby monitoring system, according to your needs look for one which fits best for you. Best technical features to look in a baby monitoring systems are such as,

  1. Infrared / Night vision – This is one of the very important feature a baby monitor should have. This feature allows you to monitor your baby at night / dark light too.
  2. Coverage range – This is another very important feature which you need to choose wisely. According to the size of your house or the area which you will be using your baby monitor, choose according to it. You can get a baby monitor which covers up to 900ft.
  3. Wireless or Internet – If your house it too big or you need to monitor the baby when you are out or on a business trip, then it is better to use baby inter monitor.
top 10 best baby monitors review 2014 best brands of baby monitoring system

top 10 best baby monitors review 2014 best brands of baby monitoring system

There are other additional features such as being able to add additional cameras and temperature monitors are some of the other features you can look for. If you have twins or need to monitor two rooms or more than 2 rooms, then you can find a baby monitor which will support up to 4 cameras at once.

Security is very important while taking care of babies. Not only to monitor them for their needs, but also to make sure the baby or your child is safe in every way. So get one of the best baby monitor and give additional protection to your baby.

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