5 Best Long Range Video Baby Monitors of 2018

Best Long Range Video Baby Monitors 2018

In this detailed post, let’s go through 5 best long range video baby monitors of 2018. If you have a large house and need to monitor baby from far away, then long range baby monitors are best option.

The joy of starting a family is one of the supreme feelings in the world. It is really tough to put such heavenly pleasure in words. However, like every other happy feeling it comes with a dash of nervousness and fear. Babies, aside from bringing extreme joy bring a lot of chaos and responsibility with them. Taking care of a child is one of the most challenging tasks a parent has to go through. With the stressful and time consuming jobs and house chores it becomes hard to constantly monitor your newborn. Hence, Baby monitors are a savior.

These are not just important but imperative in today’s world. You want to be there for your child every time he/ she needs you but because of over-consuming work and other tasks it becomes difficult to be physically present for them every time.

With the help of digital video baby monitors you can watch them, hear them and talk to them anytime they need you. For your convenience, here’s a list of best baby monitors that will prove helpful to you in in the months to come

1. Samsung Brightview touch screen baby video monitor ( SEW-3043W) – 900 ft

This product allows you to enjoy your child’s tiniest of the moves with crystal clear quality. The 5” touch screen HD monitor gives you perfect display of your child. You cannot just hear your baby’s voices but also talk to him/ her while you are away. It assures your little angel that they are being looked after.

The HD audio quality is impressive. Samsung also offers cute little night light for perfect night vision of up to 16 feet. You won’t believe, but the modern long range video baby monitor comes with 4 pre fed lullabies to soothe and calm your baby and also reminds you of feed time.

Samsung brightview touch screen long range video baby monitor

Samsung brightview touch screen long range video baby monitor

It is one of the best video baby monitors having superb battery life and as long as 900 feet long range. The voice activation mode (VOX) and support to multiple (4) cameras makes it a not to miss distance baby monitor under $200.

  1. 5.0″ Touch Screen Monitor
  2. 720p HD Remote PTZ Camera
  3. 4 Pre-programmed Lullabies
  4. Long Range up to 900 ft.
  5. Two-Way Talk
  6. Voice Activated Mode (VOX)
  7. Non-Visible IR LEDs – Night Vision up to 16ft.

2. Beleef Digital long range video baby monitors – 850 feet (recommended)

Cheap and recommended long range video baby monitor

Cheap and recommended long range video baby monitors

Nursing your infant was never this easy. You do not need to be running all night to comfort your child; just click the button for 3 seconds and the monitor will play lullabies to relax your little angel.

This budget baby monitor comes with all the features like its high tech counterparts charging 5 times the price. The noise proof two-way audio, 850 feet clear r

ange, 2” video screen with life-like video, thermometer, VOX mode, full night battery life in VOX mode, safety from Wi-Fi hackers and much more are its few features.

See it to believe it, but the inexpensive digital video baby monitor comes at just $60. The long range video baby monitors comes with baby and parent units, adapters, hooks and manual for easy setup and quick use.

3. Dual camera long range video baby monitor – 800 feet

This 4.3” long range baby monitor comes with 1000 feet range and a unique set of 2 cameras for keeping a check on more than one kind or viewing different parts of the house. The life like video and audio quality is one of the main features of the bestseller baby monitor.

You do not have to go to your baby’s room to pacify him/ her; the 2 way audio facility makes you talk to your child. The automatic day and night vision sensor is bliss for new parents. The automatic sound activated lights feature makes it one of the most sorted baby monitors with long range at an affordable price of $120.

Long range video baby monitor with two cameras

Long range video baby monitors with two cameras

The view is expandable up to 4 cameras which makes it useful for a longer duration of time i.e. even when kids start to crawl. You can manually choose to select which camera to view.

  1. Two Cameras With Prompt Night Vision.
  2. Long Distance Up To 800 feet and Standby Time with 8 hours
  3. 4.3 inch TFT-LCD Screen with High Quality Picture.
  4. Color Sound Activated Lights.
  5. Clear Automated Night Vision.
  6. Two Way Communication

4. UU Infant baby monitor under $100 dollars

Long range video baby monitor under $100 dollars

Long range video baby monitors under $100 dollars

The easy set up baby monitor is not just economical but also easy to use. Like many high tech baby monitors, this baby cam displays video to the parents and provides superb voice quality. One should not consider its economical rate as a limitation; it offers viewing experience with multiple cameras, perfect viewing experience within the range of 800 feet, long battery life of more than 6 hours and also room temperature modifier.

This sweet little device will assist you in having a good night sleep, while it takes care of your child’s every move. Similar to other expensive models this distance baby monitor allows you to sing lullabies and comfort your child even if you are on another floor.

You can zoom in the video, manually pan and tilt, set alarms and play lullabies with one of the best baby monitors out of the lot at budget rates.

5. ANmate Digital video baby monitor – 825 ft

Best under $100 affordable long range video baby monitor - digital baby monitors

Best under $100 affordable long range video baby monitor – digital baby monitors

All the important features like video, long range compatibility, lasting battery life, two way audio system and temperature sensor make this $80 cutesy the best video baby monitor at affordable prices.

The strong and stable signal never gets lost even in the range of 950 feet which keeps you stress free. The main concern of keeping an eye on your infant is the continuous video and no blurriness/ freezes. This digital video baby monitor delivers precisely as per your needs. This baby cam comes with the full package of a camera to be kept near baby’s crib (atleast 3 feet away) and the viewing device for the parents.

It supports multiple cameras, offers clear night vision, temperature monitoring, setting alarms, pre-set lullabies, video zoom and what not. The plug and play easy to use baby monitor not just lets you sleep in comfort and ease but is also free of Wi-Fi hacking which is a major problem with many internet enabled monitors.

Conclusion: You should carefully scrutinize the needs according to the area of the house, age of the child and your purpose of buying a baby monitor before you select one.

High end: Samssung SEW 3043

Affordable alternative: Beleef baby monitor

The above list of digital video baby monitors has been prepared to suit various needs of the parents. Congratulations and happy parenting to you!

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