5 Best Motorola baby monitors 2018 – Motorola video baby monitors

5 Best Motorola baby monitors of 2018

Now-a-days Baby Monitors are a must have for every parent. This is a collection of motorola baby monitors are now available at affordable rates for everyone. Baby monitors has provided freedom and liberty to all the working parents to go out and be all they can be. They do not have to sacrifice their career for the sake of the family. If we look at the bigger picture, it also adds to the wealth of the family and secures the child of the future.

Every soon-to-be parent struggles with the hard choice of which baby monitor to put in their baby registry list. Here’s our little help for the glowing mommies to be; we present 5 best motorola digital video baby monitors.

1) Motorola digital video baby monitor with dual camera

2017 Motorola digital video baby monitor with two cameras - Dual camera digital video baby monitor

Motorola digital video baby monitor

The lightweight baby monitor’s best feature is that it comes with 2 cameras. Both cameras can be tilted and rotated according to need & convenience. It is a boon for the parents of twins, with just this one device you can look after both your darlings. You can also install the cameras in different rooms, if your kids have separate rooms or you have an elderly to look after or any other needs. The zoom-in feature does not break pixels of the video feed; the camera maintains its pristine quality.

The 3.5” display on parent unit offers immense relief to the new parents and lets them sleep with utmost surety that their kid is being looked after. The motorola video baby monitors works amazing within the long range of up to 600 feet via wireless technology. It also has pre-stored 5 lullabies to calm and soothe your little angel. The infrared vision mode assures you that the kid can be looked after through the camera during the night as well.

2) Motorola MBP27T digital video baby monitor

Motorola MBP27T video baby monitor - Motorola video baby monitor review

Motorola MBP27T video baby monitor – Motorola baby monitors review

This multipurpose Motorola digital baby monitor is simply fantastic. It is not just a video baby monitor but also serves a function of a thermometer. Taking baby’s temperature, checking the temperature of the bath water or milk was never this easy.

You just have to hold the parent unit half inch away from the baby and the touchless thermometer will show the accurate temperature of the baby. The cute little device is an all-in-one machine. The two-way talking facility makes you sure that you won’t miss a single sound of your baby and the baby can be talked or sung to, via microphone. The infrared vision is simply crystal clear.

The parent unit alerts the parent through light and alarm system to notify when the baby needs you. You can adjust the camera or zoom-in on the video feed to get perfect view of the baby. You can own this multipurpose Motorola baby monitors in just under $200.

3) Motorola MBP33XL Video baby Monitor


Motorola offers this incredible little device to monitor what matters the most to you. You can experience every second of your child’s day with this motorola baby monitors camera; be it day or night. The infrared vision is superb and so is the two way sound communication. It feels like you are just next to the baby. It is possible to sing lullabies and soothe your little munchkin while doing household chores or preparing for tomorrow’s big presentation.

With the 3.5” screen display you can zoom-in on the details of your baby’s room and take every precaution you would take, if you were there. The camera range is amazing; it works perfectly fine even in the range of 1000 feet. It also has a low range alarm, which goes off if you start to lose signal. Own this necessity at just $130 and enjoy relaxed parenting.

4) Motorola baby monitors for $100 dollars

This 2.8 inch Motorola video monitor displays supreme clarity video on the parent unit. You can rest assured that the baby’s every single move can be watched and taken care of. If the little one is cutely smiling in the dream, you won’t have to miss out on it but can experience the overwhelming joy of your baby’s dreams. The zoom-in feature assures you that there is no mosquito or fly near the baby.

You can also supervise when the nanny is taking care of the kid. The camera can be tilted for better viewing if the baby rolls and changes place. The easy to install, plug and play Motorola baby monitor comes with a quick installation guide for easy installation. It also walks you through every possible issue and its trouble shooting. Both parent and baby unit come with options to hold/ hook/ stand. You can live every moment of your infant’s growing years with this economical Motorola digital baby monitor at just $110.

5) Motorola MBP36S digital baby monitor review

Video baby monitor review - Mototrola Motorola MBP36S

Video baby monitor review – Mototrola Motorola MBP36S

You can keep an extra eye on your precious little darling with this Motorola baby monitors camera in a budget of just $110. The 3.5” video display offers crystal clear pictures of the little angel and sings melodious lullabies to your precious. You do not have to be sleep deprived with the aid of this sweet little Motorola baby monitors in the most challenging & important phase of your life.

The two-way communication channel comforts not just you but also the baby when he/she is in need; you can sing and talk to your infant till the time you reach their room.  It is possible to zoom-in to see why the baby is crying and be prepared while going to his/her room.

You can pan and tilt the camera as per your baby’s position for better viewing. The infrared vision allows 24*7 viewing experience without any interruptions. You can also know the temperature of the baby’s room with this informative little device.

These minion devices offer great comfort to the new parents when they are worried sick all the time about their newborn. It comes in handy when they are sleep deprived and relieves them of their new hectic life. Motorola has been offering baby monitors for years and has garnered repute for its amazing service to its loyal customers. Go grab your piece now!

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