Best baby monitor with large screen 2018 – Big screen video baby monitors

Best baby monitor with large screen 2018 – Best Baby Monitor

This is the first item you should add to your baby registry list. This is one of the very few and afforable digital video baby monitors with large screen. This must have item when you are expecting is not just useful but also tremendously efficient and handy. It keeps you calm you during the most hectic and anxious phase of your life. The sleep deprivation during this period adds to all the more stress, but you need not worry. This amazing device provides solutions to all your problems; day or night, whenever your child needs you, you can be there.

This amazing baby monitor comes with a 7” wide screen parent unit and superb quality camera baby unit; it captures records and streams real time video on the parent unit. You do not have to miss any minute of your little angel’s growing years. You can forever capture the precious moments even when you are busy doing your household or office work. The pristine quality picture on the parent unit doesn’t cause any blurriness; you can zoom in for any details. The camera (baby unit) comes with so many great and useful attachments to make it fit anywhere; you can hook it up on the shelf or corners or keep it on a side whichever angle suits you best for perfect viewing.

Important Features:

  1. 7.Expand to 7.0” LCD screen
  2. 2.4GHz digital wireless technology
  3. Can record a short video with just a click on the button
  7. Two way audio talk
  8. Built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery 900mAh
  9. 4 hours screen ON working time and 8 hours for vox mode (screen OFF while sound still be detected).
  10. Easy to install and setup
  11. Accurate temperature monitoring function
  12. With moon & star projector
  13. Gentle music for a better sleep

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Big Screen digital Video baby monitor with baby camera 2018 - best baby monitors

Big Screen digital Video baby monitor with baby camera 2018 – best baby monitors

Large screen video baby monitor - best video baby monitor 2018

Large screen video baby monitor – best video baby monitor 2018

Gone are the days of sleep deprivation! Gone are the turns between parents to be awake all night J Both parents can sleep with utmost ease and comfort as the infrared vision helps you to see the bay during the night as well. You can go to his/ her room whenever you hear them cry or make any sound. There is no time delay during transfer of voice from baby to parent unit. You can attend to any need or emergency of your baby. You can soothe the baby even while you are going to his/ her room. The two way communication channel is made so that your baby doesn’t have to miss you at all. You can also sing lullabies or talk to them even while gardening, doing the dishes or preparing your office presentation.

This handy little device will never go waste; you can use it as a phone when your baby grows up. The long battery life of 4 hours on-screen time and 8 hours of VOX mode operation is great for daily usage. VOX mode offers operation that the screen is off but gets activated when the baby makes any sound. This baby monitor with camera is extremely easy to install and use. It gets automatically connected at the press of a button when plugged in.

The manufacturers have kept all your needs in mind while designing this out-of-the-world device; you can check your baby’s temperature from it as well. It shows the detailed information for your use. You won’t believe but the baby video monitor also includes a projector which creates images of stars and moons on the ceiling of your kid’s room. If that wasn’t enough, there are also numerous lullabies pre-recorded to calm and make your baby’s sleep peaceful and comforting.


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