Best baby video monitor with temperature monitor under $100

Baby video monitor with temperature monitor under $100

It is not easy to get a baby video monitor for less than $100 dollars with extra features such as temperature monitoring. But this is a perfect baby video monitor which offers digital baby video monitoring and temperature monitoring at the price of $70 dollars with free shipping. This is one of the highly rated and review baby monitor with video. Hollyson is a very well known brand. With more than 900 reviews and ratings, this is a best baby monitor.

As you all know is a top website which reviews and rates the baby monitors. We give the absolute best recommendations. We always suggest the best products for your baby. This is why for the fourth year, this website has been one of the favorite website for parents. We are recommending this product, because it is good. If you are looking for an affordable baby video monitor with all the important features, hands down, go for this one. 

Now let’s get to the the important part of this topic, out Hollyson digital video baby monitor. This baby monitor comes with a baby camera and parent’s unit. From the camera, you can talk to the baby and hear everything  from the baby’s room. This baby video monitor also contain night vision, so that you can see everything that happens in the baby’s room without any lights on.

Another additional feature to this baby monitor is that, it has temperature monitor attached to it. Usually a separate temperate monitoring unit will cost around $50, but this baby monitor has this feature attached for the same price. Now let’s go through the features in point form to make it easy.

Important features:

  1. Comes with one baby camera and a parent unit
  2. Automatic night vision / IR night vision
  3. Two way audio between the camera and monitor, you can talk back to baby.
  4. Temperature monitor to know the tempurate on the baby’s room 24/7
  5. Built-in 8 lullabies in the camera unit
  6. Very secure, interference free and long range digital signal
  7. Long rage of upto 960ft
  8. Long battery life of 8 hours in Vox mode (No need to charge the battery for the monitor In the whole night Now)
  9. Easy to install – Plug and play

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Best digital video baby monitor with temperature monitor under $100 dollars

Best digital video baby monitor with temperature monitor under $100 dollars


Now let’s go through the video review of this baby monitor:

As you can see above, this is a well made video baby monitor with many advance features. The range is very good with around 900 feet and it is excellent for a baby monitor. It is important for a baby monitor to be secure from other interference. A secure line makes sure no one else sees the baby except you. So it is hacker proof and good for a large home.

yes, this is one of the best baby video monitors you can rely on. With excellent features and very good reviews from the customers you can go for this one and expect amazing results.



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