Best wifi baby monitor under $100 of 2018 – iphone/android wireless camera

Best wifi baby monitor under $100 of 2018

Wifi baby monitors are becoming the choice of parents regarding digital video baby monitors. Internet / Wifi baby monitors are easy to play with and modern with all the features. And also they are cheaper than traditional baby monitors with camera. With a wifi baby monitor camera, you just can connect to a smart phone or a mobile device and get it to work.

Wifi baby cameras are excellent for any parent who doesn’t want a complected set up. If you own a smartphone (iphone/android) or a PC then all you have to do is to download the app and get the baby camera connected to this app. This is a very affordable baby camera under $100 dollars, for only $70 with discount and free shipping.

This is an absolutely amazing wifi baby monitor with all the features needed for a perfect baby camera. Night vision helps you to see the baby in the dark with IR, two-way talk helps to talk to baby and lets you hear from baby’s end. It has motion dector, in case if something moves out of ordinary, it will send a warning. Now let’s go through some exceptionally amazing features.

Important Features:

  1. Stunning 960P, 1.3 megapixel HD remote live video streaming
  2. Contains pan (355º), tilt (120º) and digital zoom (4x) via smart phone, tablet, and PC.
  3. Typically used as Baby Monitor, Pet Monitor, Elder Monitor, Home Security Monitor, Business Monitor and etc.
  4. Two way audio – to talk to baby and hear from baby’s room
  5. Intelligent motion detection alert and image capture for the home
  6. Record and playback video via local MicroSD card
  7. 10 IR LEDs for super clear night vision up to 33 feet.
  8. Uses  specially designed ZeboraCam Apps
  9. Support up to 4 Live video played simultaneously. You will get incredible Apps control experience.
  10. QR code scan for super easy WiFi setup
  11. Extremely reliable Wi-Fi connection
  12. Superior high quality 3.6mm lens H.264 video compression format with maximum cSnapshot and real-time video recording
  13. Auto/Manual turn on/off IR-LED.

Best wifi baby video camera under $100 for iPhone/android!

Wifi baby monitor under $100 - internet baby monitor for iphone, androud, tablet, PC baby camera

Wifi baby monitor under $100 – internet baby monitor for iphone, androud, tablet, PC baby camera

As you can see, you have to set this camera up in the perfect position to cover baby’s room (probably in a corner) and then you are done. Then you will have to download the app in your smart phone such as Apple phones, Android phones and connect the baby monitor. It will work on any mobile phones which has access to Apple itunes or Google play store. The app is free. After getting the app, you can connect it using the manual and view the camera from your device.

Not only in Mobile phones, but also it will work on Any tablets, android tablets, iPads and even PC. You just need to download the app. Over internet, you can view the baby from anywhere in the world. As long as you have the internet connectivity, it works.

Some other amazing features are, you can take a snapshot, record videos (camera has SD card slot) and alerts. The sensitivity of the motion detector is adjustable. This is such as amazing product and worth the money. No doubt, go for it.



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2 thoughts on “Best wifi baby monitor under $100 of 2018 – iphone/android wireless camera

  1. Nikolay Angelov

    1. Can it be used with Windows phones?
    2. How/where can I order it?
    Thank you.

    1. bestdeals Post author

      You can order from amazon, there is an app for windows PC version.


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