Discount Philips Avent Digital video baby monitor 2017

Best Philips Avent Digital video baby monitor 2017

This is one of the very highly reviewed best and affordable discount Philips Avent digital video monitor.  The Philips AVENT SCD603/10 baby monitor enables you to maintain a secure connection with your baby at all times. It is with the all main features, such as night vision and security.

This amazing baby monitor is on a huge discount of 57%. If you are looking for a good but affordable baby monitoring system, this is the one for you.

Philips avent digital baby video monitor under $200 with night vision 2016

Philips avent digital baby video monitor under $200 with night vision 2017

Night vision infrared clear sound digital baby video monitor 2016 from Philips avent

Night vision infrared clear sound digital baby video monitor 2017 from Philips avent

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Technical details:

  1. Day and Night Video Monitoring
  2. 100% Private Connection
  3. Hear your baby with clear sound
  4. High resolution 2.4″ color screen
  5. Infra-red night vision automatically switches on in the dark
  6. Self-activating screen and volume switches on when your baby starts crying
  7. Indoor range up to 30 meters, outdoor range up to 150 meters
  8. Soothes Your Baby
  9. Soft nightlight to calm your little one
  10. Remotely select your lullabies
  11. Easy to Use
  12. Rechargeable parent unit
  13. Wall mountable baby unit
  14. LED lights show when your unit is linked and in range
  15. Backup battery function in case of power failure

Let’s see what the customers has to say about this baby monitor,

As monitors go, this is pretty standard fare. Nothing terribly wrong, and nothing to drool over. It is about the size of a classic iPod, uses what looks to be an iPod-inspired click wheel, and is styled like the iPhone 5c. The color is an off-color baby blue.

I especially like that the belt clip rotates to double as a stand. That clever. It comes with a charger for the camera and a charge for the monitor. Both charger wires measure about 8 feet in length. The straight plug charger charges the camera, while the L shaped plug charges the monitor.

The monitor uses a cell-phone style removable battery. My biggest complaint about this unit is that the manual comes on CD. Yes, I am aware that this is 2013, but I’d like to have some printed documentation. It does come with a half-sheet of paper sized Quick Start guide, but it is essentially useless… deciphering its icons and what they are supposed to indicate was difficult.

The screen is ok. It is clear enough, but don’t expect HD quality from this (or probably most, if not all) baby monitors. You can see the horizontal lines of resolution. Overall, this is a nice monitor. I’d buy one and could recommend it as a standard, easy enough to use monitor for any parent.

This baby monitor has received above average overall ratings. The concern put forwarded by the customers is the price of the item. But now it is on a huge discount and available for very affordable price. You get to save almost $60 and this is definitely a best deal. Also to mention that it this baby monitor is available on Free shipping by amazon.


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