Levana video baby monitor with oma movement monitor

Levana video baby monitor with oma movement monitor

This is absolutely new arrival and one of the amazing Levana’s baby video monitor with Oma movement monitor. This is a fairly decent priced top rated baby video monitor. In addition to that it comes with Snuza Oma portable baby movement monitoring system which works great compared to many other movement monitors. You will get a both the video monitoring system unit and the movement monitoring unit for the same price.

Astra is one of the new products from Levana, a well known company. They having amazing baby monitors such as Ovia baby monitor, which is one of the top baby monitor. But it does not come with movement monitor. You can buy Oma movement monitor and astra baby monitor separately too.

Let’s go through some features of Astra:

  1. Astra video monitor with 3.5″ screen
  2. Great pan/tilt/zoom camera
  3. 48 hours in power-saving PEEP mode
  4. 12 feet Automatic night vision
  5. Invisible LEDs keep
  6. Portable, battery-powered Oma movement monitor with no wires or cords
  7. Use anywhere baby sleeps
  8. Breathe easy knowing the wireless Oma baby movement monitor will alert you after just 15 seconds of no abdominal movement by staying in direct contact with baby’s tummy

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Levana astra baby video monitor with Oma movement monitor

Levana astra baby video monitor with Oma movement monitor

Even though this is an amazing baby monitor, there are some complains about the video monitor. Some of them are that the video monitor’s picture quality and the sound quality is low. You can only see the digital sound indicator and can’t hear the baby from the other end. These are some of the cons of this baby monitor.

On the other hand the movement monitor has got excellent reviews. This baby monitoring system can be get under $210 dollars and a well worth the price too.

Let’s go through some customer reviews:

This Levana monitor is everything a parent could want. Not only can you hear and see your baby, you can relax knowing that the movement sensor will alert you to any breathing problems. That brilliant Oma Baby Movement monitor is a tiny, battery-powered unit you clip to the top of your baby’s diaper, and if the baby’s abdomen does NOT move for fifteen seconds, the alarm sounds. SIDS is such a tragedy, and this little sensor is a comforting step you can take to prevent it happening to your baby. To me, this movement monitor is worth the price of the whole system.

The quality of the audio and video of the camera (even with its 3.5″ screen, pan/tilt/zoom features, and night vision capability) and microphone is not what you want to send your family to introduce your baby, but it is not intended for that use. This is baby safety equipment, and it functions very well as intended.

As you see, this baby monitor is intended to monitor the safety of the baby and it gets the job done. You can buy from amazon for free shipping.

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