Levana Ovia Digital Baby Video Monitor with recording

Levana Ovia Digital Baby Video Monitor 2018

This is one of the new arrival 2018 best baby monitor. Ovia is a very sophisticated video baby monitor with new and added features. This is also a five star excellent rated baby monitor. Highly reviewed and most bought baby monitor for 2018 season. It is already a best seller list and you won’t be disappointed with this amazing baby monitoring system.

You will get One baby monitor and one baby camera with lot of additional features. This baby monitoring system includes: Ovia is a very affordable system with only $195 dollars and Free shipping. But there is another version of this monitor with 2 cameras which you can get from Amazon for very affordable price.

Main features:

  1. Baby Video Monitor
  2. 750′ range secure signal
  3. Record video and take photo from Parent unit (New feature)
  4. Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera with Night Vision
  5. 2GB Micro SD Card with adapter
  6. Rechargeable battery
  7. 2 power adapters
  8. Quick Start Guide
  9. 1-year warranty

Buy Baby Monitor with discount and free shipping! (Ovia is Discontinued – similar one)

Levana 2018 new digital video baby monitoring system with night vision record micro SD zoom lcd camera

Levana 2018 new digital video baby monitoring system with night vision record micro SD zoom lcd camera


You get all you wanted and there are some additional cool features in this digital baby monitoring system to enhance the experience. These are some of the many important features in this Camera. They are:

  1. 4.3 inch LCD screen – Usually baby monitoring system has 3.5″ LCD screen, but this is a very advanced big screen Monitoring system. There is a ‘Menu” option for easy access and other functions.
  2. Pan /Tilt and Zoom Camera – You can use the remote monitoring system to Zoom the camera, tilt and pan functions. Very comfortable and additional support.
  3. Record video and take photo – baby monitoring system comes with 2 GB micro SD card, so that you can easily snap photos or record video from away using the monitoring system.
  4. Touch Panel – Menu is a touch panel control so it is very easy to access and with button lock feature.
  5. 24 hour battery life – This is an amazing feature, if the noise in the room gown down battery saving mode will get activated. If the baby wakes up and make noise the camera will get activated again automatically.
  6. 750 feet secure signal – Having a secure connection is very important in baby monitoring systems. To make sure it is not getting overlapped with other signals and to make sure that it is only you who is watching your baby it is very necessary. monitor system provides that feature.
  7. 2 way communication – You can hear from the Baby’s side and you can talk to baby from the other end. You can sing lullabies to the baby from another room without having any problem.
  8. Infrared night vision – This is a very important future to monitor the baby in the night time or if the room goes dark. You can see the clear picture of baby from the other end during night times.

Let’s go through some customer reviews:

“I was extremely pleased with the Levana Ovia Baby Video Monitor, the camera is exceptional and the control for pan/tilt is superior to other cameras. We were first time parents and the microphone allowed us to hear every breath (which was calming and helped us sleep). The ability to link in other cameras is a plus, and the music that it can play offers any newborn the comfort to fall and stay asleep.

The only minor downside was that it came with no instructions(?), so we had to navigate through the menu a few times to figure out things such as volume control (I suppose I could have hit up google, but that’s the modern version of reading the instructions, and I am a stereotypical man!). Overall good product and a good buy if bought at a fair price.”

Official video from Levana on Ovia baby monitor,


As you see above, this is one of the happy customer’s review. There are many happy customers for this baby monitor. Unlike many of the usual baby monitors, this baby video monitor produces clear image and with advanced technology. If you are looking for an affordable but best quality baby monitor, then this is the one for you.

This is also one of the very few baby monitoring system with over 4.3/5 star review. You won’t be disappointed. Most importantly this is in the top list of the new arrival and best rated baby monitoring systems that are recommended. Other baby monitors which are recommended are Infant Optics DXR-8 and Motorola MBP43-2

Also Levana’s Ovia baby monitor is the only non-internet baby monitor which has recording/taking photos feature. You can easily buy an additional camera and hook it up with this baby monitor.


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