Summer Infant Baby Touch video baby monitor review 2018

Summer Infant Baby Touch video baby monitor

Touch screen baby monitors are becoming a trend in baby monitors. Unlike couple of years ago, now there are more touch screen baby monitors are in the market. Summer Infant baby touch baby monitor is one of the best example of a modern baby monitor. Touch screen baby monitors are easy and versatile to use.

Summer Infant baby touch is the new arrival baby monitors from Summer Infant. Summer Infant is a well known company which made baby monitors from early stages. They thrive on quality and modern features for satisfied parents. Now let’s go through the important features of Summer Infant Baby Touch baby monitor.

Important Features of Summer Infant Baby Touch

  1. Coverage range up to 400-feet
  2. 3.5 inch LCD touchscreen
  3. Pan, scan, and zoom camera
  4. Two-way audio communication
  5. Automatic night vision
  6. Sound activated led lights
  7. Can add up to 3 additional cameras, 4 cameras total
  8. Included charging dock
  9. Rechargeable battery

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`Summer Infant Baby Touch baby monitor - best touch screen baby monitor 2018

Summer Infant Baby Touch baby monitor – best touch screen baby monitor 2018

Let’s go through some of the features in detail. Obviously this is an advance baby monitor with all the features of the digital video baby monitor. But how about each features and their quality. Let’s go through them.

  1. 3.5 Inch Touchscreen – This is a very advanced feature. Because most of the modern video baby monitors does not come with touch screen. It has automatic night vision in which you can see the baby at night times. Plus using the screen you can Pan / Tilt and zoom the camera. This is a handy feature to have. You can see if there is any sound from baby’s room from the screen if you are in the noisy environment. Very thoughtful feature for the parents.
  2. Night Vision – The baby camera has automatic night vision, which means even in the dark you can see the baby clearly. This is one of the most important features to have.
  3. Two-Way communication – Using this feature you can talk to baby using your parent unit and baby camera and you can hear from baby’s end through the baby camera. So that you can always monitor the baby’s activities and talk to the baby whenever needed.
  4. Add multiple Cameras – This specific feature enables you to add up to 4 cameras in the same parent unit, so that you can monitor two children or different rooms.

Truly this is a wonderful baby monitor if you are specifically looking for a baby monitor with touch screen. Since we are very much used to the “touch screen life”, this is a very easy baby monitor to use. But since touch screen baby video monitors are still in the beginning stage, this might not be the excellent quality one.

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