Top 10 best baby monitor brands review 2018

Top digital video baby monitor brands 2018

There is always a big difference in buying cheap made and branded electronics. Usually the branded electronic appliances comes with best quality fine work. Unlike the cheap and durable ones, branded ones are more reliable, trustworthy and they will last long.

Same goes for the baby monitors. Here i am going to list the most highly reviewed and rated best branded baby monitor brands of 2018. Everything here based on the consumer reviews and reports. There are many types of baby monitors. Baby video monitors, baby audio only monitors and baby sound and temperature monitors.

What’s the best baby monitor?

As you can see, there are many baby monitor brands. But each brand has different set of baby monitors with different features. If you are asking the question of what baby video monitor you should get, then the answer is “Infant Optics DXR-8” baby monitor.

Infant Optics DXR-8 is one of the new arrival and top rated baby monitor with excellent features. This holds the top place in baby monitors as of January, 2017. 3.5 LCD screen, two way talk, temperature monitor and specially the amazing build quality.

#1 Motorola baby monitor

Motorola is a well know electronic manufacturer. They are not well know for baby monitors, but for other electronic gadgets. Motorola always give the best quality gadgets with the full determination of satisfying customers.

Here Motorola comes first, Because of the quality, price and the features it has. There are different types of Motorola baby monitors. One of the top rated baby monitor is by Motorola too. It also provides additional baby cameras, baby camera for iphone, ipad and android and baby monitoring system. It also comes with at least 1 year warranty.

#2 Summer Infant baby Monitors

Summer infant is a dedicated baby products maker. Summer infant baby monitors are quiet as good as some well known brands like Samsung. Summer infant has a very good review from the reviewers and produces variety of baby monitoring systems.

You can check the review of the newest Summer infant baby video monitor. Summer infant’s products are competitive and with the latest features as other baby monitors.

#3 Samsung baby monitors

Samsung is another very famous brand. Samsung is always best for it’s quality and very affordable products. Samsung has gotten very good reviews in the baby monitor systems too. Samsung has different versions of baby monitors, baby cameras and monitoring systems.

Samsung is always the first to include the new features and you can read the review on Latest Samsung baby monitor. If you are looking for a good baby monitor, samsung is definitely one you should consider.

#4 Levena baby monitors

Levena baby monitors are best known for it’s affordable price. They are very very cheap, but with the best quality. You can buy different versions of this baby monitors. There are audio only, audio and video, and for smart phones too.

Check the review on Levena baby monitor. You can get a best baby monitor under $100 dollars with all the features such as night vision, expandable cameras and so on, only from Levena.

#5 Lorex baby monitor

Lorex is a security camera manufacturer. They make all sort of surveillance and security cameras. They also make baby monitors. So Lorex knows what they are doing. Lorex has plenty of amazing baby monitor systems too.

Lorex baby monitoring systems can be bought from different price ranges. The best one is available around $300 dollars. It has all the features you need such as wireless monitoring and skype smart phone monitoring at once. Check out the lorex baby monitors too.

#6 Safety 1st Monitors

Safety 1st has some really good baby care products. But when it comes to the digital video monitors, Safty 1st isn’t that good. This brand has received mixed comments and one of the Average type of baby monitor around.

#7 Sony Monitors

Sony is another very well known and famous brand. Song has limited amounts of baby monitors and all are with the best quality. Sony has very good Baby sound monitors and two way talkies. When it comes to digital video monitors, Sony’s choices are limited but good.

2018 best baby monitors - top branded reviewed baby monitor

2018 best baby monitors – top branded reviewed baby monitor

#8 Phillips Avent

Philips Avent has some very exciting baby products such as baby nursery temperature monitor, 2 way talkies, sound sensor, sleep monitor and other baby safety products. This brand also has video monitors which is quiet very good. According to the customer reviews, this brand has received positive reviews.

#9 Fisher Price baby monitors

Fisher price has different type of baby monitors such a temperature and sound monitors too. Once again with a limited amounts but very good quality products. It is not recommended to buy video monitors from Fisher price.

#10 vTech baby monitors

Vtech has many types of baby monitoring system. It also has some advanced type of baby video monitors. vTech received good feedback from customers on other products. They are not only baby monitor producers but also some other electronic gadgets producers.

So in conclusion, it is always better to buy the most reputable baby monitor brand, as you will receive good products, good after care and other benefits such as warranty. According to the average customer reviews, i’d recommend only the top 5 baby monitors listed here.

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