Top 5 best baby monitors under $50 dollars of 2018- Video baby monitor

Top 5 best baby monitors under $50 dollars of 2018

It is amazing how the technology has changed in the past few years. Baby monitors used to be expensive and exclusive for the rich ones. Now everyone can buy a decent baby monitor for very cheap price as low as $50 dollars. These are very inexpensive baby monitor units (baby camera and a parent unit) under $50 USD. Plus they are on free shipping.

In this post, let’s discuss in detail about the least expensive baby monitors. It is very tricky to buy a baby monitor which suits your needs. And also it is absolutely important to have a baby monitor to make sure the baby’s safety. There is no peace in mind other than checking once in a while if the baby is fine at night through baby monitor.

Now let’s go through the top 5 best baby moniotors under $50 dollars. These are the best baby monitors under $50 dollars at the moment. (jan, 2018).

Best baby monitors under $50

Baby Monitor ModelFeatures To buy with discounts!

Huan video baby monitor

Remote Control lullabies
Temperature monitoring
Two way talk
IR night vision
VOX Mode
2.4 GHZ signal
Buy Huan Digital video baby monitor!
(highly recommended)

GooDee Baby monitor

480ft indoor use
Night vision IR
Built in Lullavies
Easy to install
VOX Mode
Temperature Monitoring
Buy GooDee Baby Monitor

XCSOURCE baby monitor

2.0" LCD screen
2.4GHz signal
IR night vision
Range - 50m
built-in lullabies
Can adjust the volume
With alarm function
Buy XCSOURCE baby monitor

Eoncore baby monitor

Temperature monitoring
8 lullabies
Two way talk
Automatic night vision
2.0" LCD monitor
Buy Eoncore baby monitor

WER baby Monitor

2.0" LCD Screen
2.4GHz signal
IR night Vision
alarm function
Buy WER baby Monitor

If you are going to ask the question of what is the best baby monitor in the market as of now, the answer is different. According to the consumer and expert reviews “Infant Optics DXR-8” baby monitor tops. But this baby monitor is around $170 USD and this might be bit too much for a budget parent.

Features of baby Monitor

So let’s talk about the features in the baby monitors under $50 dollars, as mentioned above. In these baby monitors you will get a;

  • Baby Camera – To plug in the baby’s room
  • Parent Unit – To have it with you to see from baby camera
i love this cheap Best baby monitors under $50 dollars

Best baby monitors under $50 dollars of 2018

It is simple set up and the baby monitor units comes with necessary accessories (plugs, chargers) for the easy set up. If your needs are minimal to casual then go for a baby monitor under $50. But if you are looking for an exceptional baby monitor, which will last long, then you should go for a slightly expensive baby monitor.

In these baby monitors you will get all the basic features needed to monitor a baby or child in a proper way. The most important features present in this baby monitor are:

  1. Night vision – Important to see the baby at night times (in Dark)
  2. Two-way talk – Can hear from baby’s room and can talk to the baby from the parent unit
  3. Built in Lullabies – When the baby needs some distraction, you can play one using parent unit without going to the baby’s room

As you see above, these baby monitors are perfect for a casual baby monioting needs. These won’t be exceptional, but will do the job as needed. Hope this helps and make sure to check out the baby monitors under $100 dollars.


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