Top 5 Best iPhone Baby Monitors 2018- WiFi Video Cameras

Top 5 Best iPhone Baby Monitors  2018-  WiFi Video Cameras

As we are entering the modern era, parents are preferring Wifi video cameras. iPhone baby monitors are increasingly becoming popular as you have the inconvenience to check the baby from anywhere in the world, as long as you have the internet.

Taking care of a child may seem like a cute and easy job to everyone, but ask a parent and they’ll tell you children are innocent little devils! No doubt it is one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world but it takes your all to take care of an infant. The task of raising a child and making him/ her good human being makes you anxious and overwhelmed. However, taking baby steps is the ideal way to go for this huge responsibility.

All that your baby needs is your love, care, affection and presence. Viola! Baby Monitors! Being there for your baby was never this easy! Be there for your child, even when you are not there. Cook food, do office work, clean the apartment, manage business without worrying what the baby would be doing. Here’s a list of 5 best Wi-Fi baby monitors suiting your every need:

1. HD Video Baby Monitor for iPhone (Highly recommended)

This cute little device can make you relax when you are sleep deprived after delivery. The wondrous iPhone baby monitors comes with HD quality live video streaming. Added feature of zooming on the live feed lets you be sure of the minute details while taking care of your loved one, be it your baby or pet.

You need not worry about buying a video device as the security camera streams directly to your phone, tablet, computer etc. The two way talking mechanism provides near perfect voice quality at both ends. The 30 feet clear night vision makes it the best baby camera for iPhone.

Best digital video baby camera for iPhones - Wifi baby camera for iOS iphone iPad

BEst iPhone baby monitors – Wifi baby camera for iOS iphone iPad

Not just that, sit down for the next unimaginable feature of this fabulous iPhone baby monitors camera; you can record live videos on this out of the world baby cam. Live every moment of your child and record every achievement from rolling in the crib to crawling, at an unbelievable price of $70.

  1. Super HD remote live video streaming
  2. pan (355º), tilt (110º) and digital zoom (5x)
  3. Advanced two-way audio
  4. Audio output speaker
  5. Support 4 live videos
  6. Super clear night vision up to 30 feet
  7. Intelligent motion detection alarm/alert and
  8. Real time video recording and micro SD card recording
  9. High encryption and secure

2. Nextgadget digital baby camera for iPhone

iOS - iPhone, iPad, Mac video baby camera - subservience internet baby digital camera under $100

iOS – iPhone, iPad, Mac video baby camera – subservience internet baby iphone baby monitors

This awesome nanny cam lets you be a perfect mom to your baby and not hit pause on your career trajectory. Wi-Fi camera for iPhone can be your perfect surveillance camera, home security camera, pet monitor, nanny cam, elderly monitor, baby cam etc.

Nextgadget wireless camera offers two-way audio and that too on your iPhone, iPad, Mac book or any android device. The motion detection technology makes the alarm go off, start recording and take picture when any abnormality takes place. You won’t believe but it can even send the videos and pictures to your email in the blink of an eye.

Outstanding feature makes it the best Wi-Fi baby monitor in the market. This white beauty also offers a perfect night vision with fantastic visibility up to 26 feet.

The 1 megapixel security camera also has SD card slot for live recording; the 340 degree horizontal and 110 degree vertical angle tilt provides view of the entire room whenever you need, at an affordable price of $62.

3. Best under $50 mini Wireless Baby Camera

best iPhone, iPad (iOS) wireless baby video camera under $50 dollars

best iPhone, iPad (iOS) wireless baby video camera under $50 dollars

The best feature of this iPhone baby monitors is that it can provide live video streaming to multiple users at the same time.  HD video quality, two way audio facility, night vision ability and motion detector with alarm system are few of the reasons that make it the best baby camera for iPhone.

The baby cam is compatible with numerous operating systems and devices like iOS, android, windows, Macintosh, OS X etc. The Wi-Fi monitor comes with an SD card slot which supports 64 GB card for seamless recording of your child’s precious moments. The security camera kit comes with a baby monitor, power adapter, network cable, mounting bracket and screws and quick installation guide.

This baby cam is easy to set up and connect to home Wi-Fi. You can use the home security cam for any purposes like child care, nanny watch, home security, pet monitoring, nursing the elderly etc. The handy and resourceful device comes at the affordable budget rate of $50.

4. AKASO Wireless video baby camera – iPhone, iPad, Mac

Affordable Wireless internet digital video baby monitor 2018

Affordable Wireless internet digital video baby monitor 2018

This $50 iPhone baby camera is a wonder in itself. The light on pocket Wi-Fi monitor serves many purposes even after it has been the best Wi-Fi baby monitor for you; it can be used as home security system, monitoring the aged, checking on the pets etc.

The superb video quality of 1280* 960P is nothing less than life-like. You can increase your visibility area by tilting the camera horizontally or vertically (355 and 90 degrees respectively). The camera comes with a built in microphone for two way talking.

You can record videos and capture moments as you like. This can serve as a perfect security camera; it offers 105 decibel siren, motion sensor. It is also adaptable to extra accessories like smoke and gas leak sensors. The camera can be set up very easily with the quick installation guide and you can also download extra apps for high security just by scanning the code on the user manual.

5. HD IP security wireless video baby camera

iPhone iPad Home Camera Wireless IP Security Surveillance System

iPhone iPad Home Camera Wireless IP Security Surveillance System

If you want to live your child’s infancy and re-live every moment at its best, buy the YI 1080P wireless camera. The 1080p video resolution and the state-of-the-art features offer nothing but the best for your little angel. It records live video in the micro SD card (not included); the camera supports 64 GB memory card for uninterrupted fun.

You can have relaxed nap knowing that the iPhone baby camera is monitoring your child. It comes with baby cry alert so that you can be there for your child whenever he/she needs you. The best baby camera for iPhone allows you to soothe your child via 2-way voice system. You can sing lullabies or talk to your baby even when you are away. Super enhanced night vision combined with 111 degree wide lens provides a-z security to your kid at an economical price of $60.

Choose nothing but the best for your child. iPhone baby monitors are the perfect solution for a working mother. These can also act as a security camera to keep you safe and secure after your baby grows up.

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