Best baby monitors reviews – Baby video monitors

2015 best Baby Monitors review – Video monitors

Are you looking for the best baby monitoring system of 2015? New arrival, best build quality and the top rated baby monitors for you? You are in the right place. This is a full guide to the top and only the best baby video monitors which are absolutely important for your needs. This is a brand new list of review of the baby monitoring units. There are many brands and features a baby monitor has.

The modern baby monitors has amazing features for very affordable price ranges. You can get a very good baby monitoring system with camera and a parent unit from as low as $90 dollars. Let’s go through some well known and best quality brands in baby monitors.

Infant Optics DXR-8
1 Camera & 1 Monitor
Range - 750'
Night vision/IR
3.5" digital screen
Top selling!
Awesome quality
Levana Ayden Baby
3.5" LCD screen
48 hour battery life in voice-activated, power saving PEEP mode
Temperature monitoring
Private, secure digital signal
750ft range
Expandable up to 4 cameras
Motorola MBP-43/2
2 Cameras & 1 Monitor
Range - 540'
Night vision/IR
3.5" digital screen
Best for twins!
New arrival
Levana sophia
1 Camera & 1 Monitor
Range - 800'
Night vision/IR
2.4" inch screen
Under $100
48 hour battery
DropCam Pro Baby
1 Cam / no Receiver
Range - Unlimited
Night vision/IR
Internet Monitor
Best selling!

Top baby monitor brands

  1. Levana
  2. Infant Optics
  3. Motorola
  4. Samsung
  5. vTech
  6. Lorex
  7. Summer Infant
  8. Foscam

These are the top rated brands in baby monitors. Some of the above mentioned brands are well known for making other electronic appliances too. Samsung and Motorola are such brands which has other electrical appliances. But Levana, Infant optics and vTech are known only for for baby products.

It is very important to buy trusted brand baby monitor. Then only you can make sure that you receive very good customer support setting up the product if you need any. But the modern baby monitors are very easy to set up and it can be done in minutes. There are two types of baby monitoring systems available in the market.

Types of baby monitors 

  1. Audio baby monitors – Audio only
  2. Video baby monitors – Video and Audio

It is very important the you choose the right baby monitoring system. According to your needs you need to find the best system with fits for you. This is a great guide to buy the best baby monitor. Some simple facts you need to consider when buying a baby monitoring system are:

How to choose the best baby monitor

  1. Budget
  2. Audio / Video
  3. Number of cameras
  4. Coverage range
  5. Internet /  only

These are the some important facts you need to consider. Always budget it. If you have a flexible budget, then it is good. You need to consider other facts such as “how bug your house” is so that you can select a range. If your house is huge, then you need to look for a one with better range or maybe Internet monitor. Usually Samsung baby monitors has the good coverage range up to 900 feet.

Now we are in the most important part. Let’s see the most important, common and much needed features of a good baby monitoring unit. There are number of features you need to look for in a baby monitoring system. Some are very important and some features are additional and gives extra advantage. Below listed features are important and you need to look for when buying your own.

Important features of baby video monitors 

  1. Coverage Range – Coverage range plays a huge role in baby monitoring systems. You need to make sure that the system you are getting is capable of transmitting from the place you need. Average baby monitor transmits from 400′ to 700′. Samsung baby monitors cover up to 900′ and some other baby monitors cover less than 400′ of range.

  2. Night Vision / Infrared –  This is a very common feature nowadays. Most systems comes with Night vision where you can video the baby in the dark or a mid dark times using infrared facility. This is an amazing feature which comes handy many times.
  3. Security – This is one of the feature which people don’t care about much. But it is very important to have a good encrypted security transmission. You really don’t want your frequencies interfering with neighborhoods risking your and your baby’s security. But almost all the baby monitors comes with Encrypted security and when you are buying, make sure to check this fact too.
  4. Receiver Screen – A great deal of improvements has been made to the screen of baby monitor receivers. There were 2.4″ screens now you can get a 3.5″ screen receiver with LCD digital technology. This is much better, clear and looks good. Addition to that now there are baby monitors with 7″ large screen. Recently Summer infant introduced baby monitors with “touch screen”. A promising feature which we can look forward to.
  5. Battery life – Most of the baby monitor cameras needs to be plugged in 24/7/ But It is crucial for the receiver unit to work without plugging in every few hours. Most baby monitors has a good battery life if around 4-6 hours and Infant optics has around 10 hours in beep-mode which is pretty cool.
  6. Extra camera – Some baby monitors comes with  camera which is good to monitor two rooms or twins :). But there are baby monitors which comes with only one camera and has the technical capability of adding up to 4 cameras per single unit. Extra camera will cost around $60 – $100 depending on the brand. 

  7. Talk back intercom– You can get baby monitors with talk back feature where you can talk from parent unit and it will be heard from the camera. Same way if baby makes a noise or cries, you can hear from your parent unit.
  8. Temperature alert – You can get the temperature reading of the room from the camera to the receiver / parent unit. Some equipped with this feature.
  9. Pan/ Tilt /zoom – Recent baby monitors has Pan, tilt and zoom feature on the camera which you can control from the receiver. You can zoom the room, tilt the camera and adjust according to your needs FROM THE RECEIVER!!

Top rated baby monitors of 2014

Currently these below mentioned baby monitors hold the top places in baby monitoring systems. (last updated, July 2014). These are listed considering many facts mainly customer rating, price, build quality and features. Let’s take a brief look at them.

Infant Optics DXR – 8 

Infant optics hold the top place in baby monitoring systems as of right now. It is very affordable ($210) with free shipping on amazon and has an excellent 4.5/5 star rating. This is an absolute beauty. This baby monitor has gotten very good reviews from the customers who purchased and used this system. With a killer 10 hour battery life and elegant design this is one of the must have!

Infant Optics DXR-8 Pan/Tilt/Zoom 3.5" Video Baby Monitor - best baby monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8 Pan/Tilt/Zoom 3.5″ Video Baby Monitor – best baby monitor

Important features are;

  • Night vision / Infrared
  • Comes with 1 camera and expandable up to 4 camera
  • 3.5″ Full color LCD display
  • 10 hour battery life
  • Tilt pan and zoom
  • 700′ range

There are some on the main and important features of this baby monitor. This also comes with 2.4ghz FHSS communication with encrypted transmission which is good for security.

The unique feature is the interchangeable optical lens which is great for wide angel viewing and it does not have in other baby monitors. You can read the full review on infant optics dxr-8 with video!

Motorola MBP 43/2

This is one of the expensive baby monitors on the market which comes with 2 cameras and one parent unit. Currently this baby monitor is on discount of 21%. Very advanced and a reliable baby monitoring system from Motorola with many features such as:

Best top rated Motorola digital video baby monitor with two cameras for 2 rooms - dual cam monitors

Motorola digital video baby monitor with two cameras for 2 rooms

  • 2 digital cameras and 1 parent unit
  • 3.5″ LCD digital color screen
  • Infrared Night vision
  • Tilt/pan/zoom
  • 540″ coverage range
  • Newest arrival
  • Temperature monitoring

These are some of the basic and important features of this baby monitor. Motorola mbp43/2 review is very good and it has very good ratings from the customers. Read full review on Motorola mbp43/2.


 Levana Ovia baby monitor

This is one of the very cheapest and top rated baby monitor under $200 dollars with shipping. This is a new arrival from Levana and a very good baby monitor. It has a wide range of 750″ coverage which adds the advantage. And this is also one of the few baby monitors which has recording/snapping picture feature from the parent unit.

Levana Ovia baby video monitoring system - baby monitor under $200 dollars

Levana Ovia baby video monitoring system

Important features:

  • 4.3″ LCD screen
  • Secure ClearVu digital signal with 750′ range
  • Remote-controlled pan/tilt/zoom camera
  • 24 hours battery life in voice-activated
  • power-saving PEEP mode
  • Record video and take photos with parent unit (micro SD card included)

This baby monitor is expandable up to 4 cameras and comes with only when when buying. You can read the full review on Levana’s Ovia baby monitor.


DropCam Internet baby camera 

This is a internet baby monitoring camera which basically doesn’t come with parent unit. Instead you set up with camera and download the app on your phone/ tablet or PC. Then you can connect this cam with wifi and monitor the baby from anywhere in the house or thousands of miles away as long as you have the internet connection.

Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera

Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera


  • 60 Second Setup
  • Connect to Wi-Fi via computer or iOS mobile device
  • Live stream in under a minute.
  • Incredible Field of View
  • 130 degrees diagonal
  • plus Zoom and Night Vision, so you don’t miss a thing.
  • Stay Connected with Two-Way Talk
  • Intelligent Alerts
  • Scheduling and Mobile & Web apps.
  • Cloud Video Recording (CVR)

This baby monitoring wifi baby camera comes in handy for the parents who travel a lot or goes out of the home very often as you can see your baby anywhere. Specially if grandparents or family wants to see the baby from some where else, this is a perfect solution for you.  Read full review on Internet baby cameras.

 Levana Sophia under $100

This is one of the cheapest baby monitor under $100 dollars. With discount and free shipping you can get this awesome baby video monitor for only around $90 dollars. Very affordable, secure and smart baby monitoring system.

top 10 best Levana Sophia video baby monitor

Levana Sophia baby monitor


  • Private, secure clearVu digital signal with 500 feet range
  • 48 hour battery life in voice-activated, power saving PEEP mode
  • 15 feet automatic night vision
  • Invisible LEDs keep the nursery dark
  • Talk to baby two-way communication

Infant optics DXR-5 is also same as the Sophia and it is also under $100 dollars. You can check out the full review on Infant optics DXR-5 and other baby monitoring systems which are under 100 bucks.


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